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Almost every software developer I know plays a musical instrument. Understanding music and being an engineer both require abstract learning – the most complex type of learning. Both require the ability to solve problems, to figure something out by coming to a logical conclusion derived from observations.

  • Experience
    20+ years
  • Languages
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, MongoDB
  • Skills
    Software Development, Project Management, Music Arranging
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Computer programming is like writing and performing music. Creating songs and software are simultaneously collaborative and individualistic undertakings. The rising generation of musicians who taught themselves to develop software by “programming by ear” exemplifies this.

I describe myself as a “Software Engineer in training”. I’ve quickly realised that Software Developers never really stop learning. We always have to “train” for the next big thing – or, better yet, invent it.

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Web Design

As a web designer, I plan, create and code web pages, using both non-technical and technical skills to produce websites that fit the customer's requirements.

Social Media

Social media management isn’t just about posting content to a business’s social media channels. I provide graphics, engaging writing and a solid understanding of SEO and content.

Application and Support

I'm a platform-agnostic developer with a good background on OOP languages. More than 20 years of experience and certifications in almost every tool out there.

Music Production

As an arranger and musician, I was involved in over 100 recordings, including 3 nominations to the Latin Grammys®.


Guitar Heels, LLC


Front-end development, responsive design, usability testing, back-end development, Information architecture, wireframing and prototyping, visual design, eCommerce platform, and design testing.

IT Operations Manager - North Carolina Health Department

2012 to 2014

Create, update, and mantain websites for North Carolina Pan Branch, using CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and XML/XLS. Coordinate with producers and designers for major changes. Provide technical support for usability issues and critical site problems, as needed.

Senior Developer - Altavoz Publishing


Lead designer and developer for web sites and promotional media for small businesses. Utilized contemporary design to create concise web sites for specific client needs. Site creation included use of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, Adobe Suite, PHP, online payment features, and form processing.

CTO, Senior IT Specialist - Tematika.com


Worked on team to develop and redesign bookstore web portal, integrating several legacy sales/forecasting tools into a single application. Created Java‐based portlets and Java Server Pages (JSPs) to build a unified user experience. Used WebSphere Content Manager suite to implement a document catalog, for storing and tagging thousands of user‐generated reports. Extensive use of Java, AJAX/JavaScript, SQL, and Unix shell scripting required. Assisted with proof‐of‐concept reviews and stress testing. Development of first online payment processing via X25 in Argentina.


UNC - Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC / 2017-2018

The Coding Boot Camp at UNC

Durham Tech Community College

Durham, NC / 2015-2016

Computer Sciences

Code Academy

Chapel Hill, NC / 2014

Mastering Web Technologies

IT College

Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2012

CCNA Certification CISCO - Network Engineer

Musicians Institute of Technology

Los Angeles, CA / 1990

Professional Player Certificate



Programming Foundations: Code Efficiency, Becoming a Web Developer, Foundations of Programming: Data Structures, Foundations of Programming: Databases (2013), JavaScript Essential Training, Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals, Foundations of Programming: Object-Oriented Design, Up and Running with C++, CCNA (2012)


More than 20 years of experience and training in the following:

React / Mode / Angular
Adobe Creative Cloud


  • All
  • Websites
  • Publications
  • Recordings
  • cronista.com/1997
  • Dynamo.com.ar/1999
  • TyC.com.ar/2000
  • Tematika.com/2003
  • Tangoscores.com/2006
  • Julianhasse.com/2008
  • texasguitarwhiz.com/2012
  • durhamtango.com/2013
  • ncpanbranch.com/2014
  • Periodic table
    Periodic Table of Tango/2015
  • Ediciones La Llave
  • Ediciones Longseller
  • Altavoz Publishing
  • Altavoz Publishing
  • Altavoz Publishing
  • Altavoz Publishing
  • Altavoz Publishing
  • Altavoz Publishing
  • Orquesta Fernandez Fierro / 2002
  • Orquesta Bien de Abajo / 2003
  • La puta y la ballena / 2003
  • A todo Tango - Festival / 2004
  • Kevin Johansen - City Zen / 2004
  • Alejandro Ridilenir / 2006
  • Juan Cornejo - Caminado mi ciudad / 2008
  • Cheba Massolo - Coyazz / 2009
  • Cantores de Tipica / 2010
  • Claudio Gabis en La Rosada / 2010
  • Los Calzones - Tanguito / 2010
  • Rosarigasinos - Bandoneon / 2011
  • Cortango Orquesta - Tandas / 2015



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